Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bounty Hunters

By Jordan Front

It was revealed last week that the New Orleans Saints football team was putting contracts out on opposing players. The defensive coordinator, Greg Williams, had allegedly paid his players to injure select players whom they were playing against.

If you are familiar with football, a key point of the game is to physically wear down the other team. Many players personally try to “set the tone” of the game by being as rough as they can. There are probably even some who make it a point to injure other players.

The issue is that it was coming down from a coach. They are the leaders of the organization and should promote sportsmanship, or at least give lip service to it. Football players are big, strong and mean, and those players trying to make a name for themselves or are making the league minimum don’t need incentive to ruin someone else’s career.

This is important because, as Ross Tucker from ESPN says, “The chance of injury in the NFL is 100%.” The League doesn’t need more players getting hurt.

It is alleged that players were paid $1,000 for causing an injury and $15,000 for knocking the other player unconscious.

In my opinion, this is horrible. Those players with these bounties are human beings! If the Saints were targeting a player, then they must be pretty good, and good players get paid more. I hope we don’t lose sympathy for an injured player just because he gets paid well.

This could turn into a class warfare argument where we say that the injured star has enough money, and someone else should get a chance. Well, what about the injured player who makes millions who gives “a big hunk of it” to charity? If the injured player returns to the field and gets paid for another season, that is fantastic!

No one should begrudge a rich person for making more money, including the players in the NFL. Those guys have more money than they know what to do with, which is my point. They give it to charity, buy things that the rest of us make and sell, and invest for their future in businesses that the rest of us work for and invest in ourselves.

I got upset and went on a tangent, but whining about pro athletes’ salaries annoys me. Regardless, if Coach Williams did institute the bounty program, then he is not a good person. What kind of low life wants to put others in such pain? If the allegations are true, then I will be glad he failed as a head coach, because it would be apparent why he was a terrible leader of men.

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